Milford Ohio Tree Care Services

Get Rid of Stubborn Trees for Good with Axtreme Tree Care’s Tree Removal Service

Professional Milford tree care at your service! Is your backyard or property overrun with trees that are dead, partially rotten, or simply unwanted? Axtreme Tree Care can help. We can remove any tree anywhere. We also provide tree trimming and stump grinding services. We are dedicated to providing a superior experience that will leave your yard spotless and spacious. We have the equipment and experience to handle any tree care job – large or small! Give us a call for a free estimate today!

For the best tree removal services in the Milford Ohio, Axtreme Tree Care is standing by to help you get your yard back.

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Axtreme Tree Care strives for total client satisfaction by being THE MOST compelling customer-focused tree company committed to safety, training, innovation and service.

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Milford Ohio Tree Care Services

Tree Removal

Tree removal is a task best left to the professionals. There are a variety of reasons to removed a tree: the tree could be dying or dead, it could be diseased, or it could be infested with bugs. You may also need the space to build a structure. Regardless of why, the safest, easiest way to removal a tree is to call professionals like Axtreme Tree Care!


Tree trimming, sometimes referred to as tree pruning, is important to the overall health and appearance of your trees. Our tree trimming services includes removing dead/rotted limbs, crown reduction, house clearnance, elevation and weight reduction. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call Axtreme today for a free quote!

Stump Grinding

We also offer professional and reliable stump grinding services. Removing a tree is only half the battle – you’ll want to get rid of the unsightly stump too. While there are many ways to remove a stump, one of the best is stump grinding. When we’re finished, you’ll never know a stump was even there. Call today!

Land Clearing

Land clearing is a big job often requiring the removal of multiple large trees. If you have an undeveloped or under-developed property that needs clearing we can help. We have the equipment and experience. Call for a free quote.


Hauling property waste and debris can be a messy job. It can also be dangerous and difficult without the proper equipment and experience. We have everything needed to make your mess disappear. Call for a free quote!


Maintaining your trees is important to their health and longevity. With our experience and knowledge in the tree industry, we’ll take a measured scientific approach to assessing the needs of your trees.

Tree Planting

While planting a tree may seem simple, it’s important to understand how and where to plant a tree. If planted incorrectly or positioned poorly, you could run into trouble down the road. We can help! Give us a call today for a free quote.

“If I had to recommend anyone to take care of my tree problems it will always be AXtreme Tree Care. They are very professional, organized, and always execute the job on time. They are fantastic!”

Dianna C, Ohio

“An up and coming local company with a strong leader. Cody and his team were responsive to my needs and competent professionals. They were on time and efficient in their trade. The estimate was straight forward and the work was done to my satisfaction. A white list contractor that I will call on again.”

Mr Hunger, Ohio

“Cody and his team did a great job for us! It was a big job and they worked very hard…we were so surprised how quickly the job was completed!”

Norma Peacock

“I highly recommend Cody and his team at Axtreme. They are professional, local and very hard working. I appreciate their attention to detail. We worked together to figure out the best solution to a couple of the trees that were damaged in the storm last month. If you need any tree work done, stop looking around and call Axtreme Tree Care.”

Chad Powers, Ohio

“Very professional group of people. I’ve used another company in the past but will stick with Axtreme going forward. You can’t go wrong with Axtreme.”

Dave Lutz, Ohio

“I just want to thank you for getting the vine down today! It looks great! I’m very, very pleased with the outcome!
I do think that Cole and Jen should get a little x-tra for this big job! They have been here for almost 5 hours!
They are very hard workers and very particular about their work! Thanks again! It looks SUPER”

Debra Buck, Ohio

Axtreme Tree Care strives for total client satisfaction by being THE MOST compelling customer-focused tree company committed to safety, training, innovation and service.

(513) 766-6438

Tap To Call: (513) 766-6438