How do you prepare for tree removal?

Make sure everything that can be moved is moved out of the way. Picnic tables, outdoor furniture, toys, bikes, mowers all need to be tuck away so that we have complete access to the tree(s). While access is important, we also don’t want any property to end up damaged.

What time of year is best for tree removal?

Between late winter and early spring is the best time because dormant trees are leafless and much lighter than they are in the summer. The lack of leaves makes it much easier to remove and process the tree. That said, a tree can be removed at anytime of the year.

What to do after removing a tree?

First and foremost, we recommend having the stump removed by grinding it away. Once the stump is gone, we’ll clean up all of the debris. From there you’ll want to add some top soil and plant some grass.

How close to a house can you remove a tree?

We can remove any tree regardless of how close it might be to a structure.

Can I remove a tree myself?

Can you – yes. Should you – that depends on your experience. To remove all risk, it’s best to hire a professional to cut down your tree. Trees can weigh several tons and can be quite tall – 100ft or more sometimes. To avoid hurting yourself and/or damaging your property, we always recommend hiring a pro.

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Client Testimonials

“If I had to recommend anyone to take care of my tree problems it will always be AXtreme Tree Care. They are very professional, organized, and always execute the job on time. They are fantastic!”

Dianna C, Ohio

Very professional, came in and took down a couple trees, topped a couple others. Cleaned up so well that if not for the missing trees you would never know they were here.

Mark G

“I just want to thank you for getting the vine down today! It looks great! I’m very, very pleased with the outcome! I do think that Cole and Jen should get a little x-tra for this big job! They have been here for almost 5 hours! They are very hard workers and very particular about their work! Thanks again! It looks SUPER”

Debra Buck

I highly recommend Axtreme Tree Care. Their professionalism, customer service, and ongoing communication was excellent from the initial on-site walk through, quote and all the way through until the day of the work and invoicing! While on-site, it was evident safety was a top priority. Their clean-up beat expectations. The work did not exceed the quote and was completed within the time frame Cody communicated. Thank you Axtreme !

Eric Todd

Highly recommend Axtreme Tree Care. Communication was the best I can remember across the board with any home service, ever. They were on time, professional, and did a fantastic job. They were able to remove a very large tree that extended over power lines and very close to the road, as well as a stump issue that another tree company literally said “not sure what you’re gonna do about that.” On top of that, they gave us a 30 minute window to give an estimate, texted ahead of time, and showed up right at the start of the window. Can’t say enough good things about this company. Reasonable price too.

Lindsey Galles

I highly recommend Cody and his team at Axtreme. They are professional, local and very hard working. I appreciate their attention to detail. We worked together to figure out the best solution to a couple of the trees that were damaged in the storm last month. If you need any tree work done, stop looking around and call Axtreme Tree Care.

Chad Powers

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