Tree Planting

Loveland, Ohio

Trees are remarkable organisms that enrich and beautify our surroundings. Planting trees in a neighborhood or office complex provides several environmental and social advantages. These advantages will not be realized unless the trees are kept healthy. Working with experienced tree services like Axtreme Tree Care is critical in ensuring that your trees have a long and healthy life.

Why planting tree are beneficial to you and the environment

The environment will be better if you plant trees.

One of the most important reasons to plant trees is that they are good for the environment. By soaking up rain, trees help reduce stormwater runoff, which helps fight pollution and soil erosion and lessens the effects of flooding. Trees give us clean air to breathe by making oxygen. They also help lessen the effects of global warming. Also, they take in carbon dioxide that is made when fossil fuels are burned and filter out sulfur dioxide, dust, and other pollutants.

Well-Being and Happiness

Most of us agree that walking in the woods makes us feel better. This feeling is backed up by science! Trees put out phytoncides to protect themselves from possible threats. When we breathe them in, our cortisol levels go down and our immune systems get stronger. Trees have also been shown to improve attention and help people who are mentally tired.

Importance to the community

Trees are good for communities in many ways, and they can also bring people together. They act as natural barriers, blocking the view of buildings and cutting down on noise pollution in busy areas and on roads. Trees are also nice to look at, which makes neighborhoods look friendlier and more appealing. Our big leafy friends also give us shade and help keep us cool by reflecting the sun.

Why Choose Axtreme Tree Care

Healthy trees need a good start. Once the ground has thawed, choosing the right soil type and density, picking the right time of year for the climate, and transporting and planting without damaging the roots are all critical. Axtreme Tree Care can assist you with choosing with everything from choosing the right location to planting the trees.

We planted 100s of trees for tri-state residents and businesses. By hiring Axtreme Tree Care, you’ll eliminate the guesswork and leave the hard work to us.

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Axtreme Tree Care strives for total client satisfaction by being THE MOST compelling customer-focused tree company committed to safety, training, innovation and service.

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Client Testimonials

“If I had to recommend anyone to take care of my tree problems it will always be AXtreme Tree Care. They are very professional, organized, and always execute the job on time. They are fantastic!”

Dianna C, Ohio

Very professional, came in and took down a couple trees, topped a couple others. Cleaned up so well that if not for the missing trees you would never know they were here.

Mark G

“I just want to thank you for getting the vine down today! It looks great! I’m very, very pleased with the outcome! I do think that Cole and Jen should get a little x-tra for this big job! They have been here for almost 5 hours! They are very hard workers and very particular about their work! Thanks again! It looks SUPER”

Debra Buck

I highly recommend Axtreme Tree Care. Their professionalism, customer service, and ongoing communication was excellent from the initial on-site walk through, quote and all the way through until the day of the work and invoicing! While on-site, it was evident safety was a top priority. Their clean-up beat expectations. The work did not exceed the quote and was completed within the time frame Cody communicated. Thank you Axtreme !

Eric Todd

Highly recommend Axtreme Tree Care. Communication was the best I can remember across the board with any home service, ever. They were on time, professional, and did a fantastic job. They were able to remove a very large tree that extended over power lines and very close to the road, as well as a stump issue that another tree company literally said “not sure what you’re gonna do about that.” On top of that, they gave us a 30 minute window to give an estimate, texted ahead of time, and showed up right at the start of the window. Can’t say enough good things about this company. Reasonable price too.

Lindsey Galles

I highly recommend Cody and his team at Axtreme. They are professional, local and very hard working. I appreciate their attention to detail. We worked together to figure out the best solution to a couple of the trees that were damaged in the storm last month. If you need any tree work done, stop looking around and call Axtreme Tree Care.

Chad Powers

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