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Get Rid of Stubborn Trees for Good with Axtreme Tree Care’s Tree Removal Service

If you’re tired of looking at a backyard overrun with dead or unwanted trees, Axtreme Tree Care’s tree removal service can help. When your regular tree-removal company struggles to complete a difficult job, they call us to get the job done right. Here at Axtreme, we are dedicated to providing you with the best experience that will leave your yard clean and spacious.

For the best tree removal services in the Milford and Loveland area, Axtreme Tree Care is standing by to help you get your yard back.

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“If I had to recommend anyone to take care of my tree problems it will always be AXtreme Tree Care. They are very professional, organized, and always execute the job on time. They are fantastic!”

Dianna C, Ohio

“An up and coming local company with a strong leader. Cody and his team were responsive to my needs and competent professionals. They were on time and efficient in their trade. The estimate was straight forward and the work was done to my satisfaction. A white list contractor that I will call on again.”

Mr Hunger, Ohio

“Cody and his team did a great job for us! It was a big job and they worked very hard…we were so surprised how quickly the job was completed!”

Norma Peacock

Axtreme Tree Care strives for total client satisfaction by being THE MOST compelling customer-focused tree company committed to safety, training, innovation and service.

(513) 766-6438

Tree Care Services

Tree Removal

Trees have to be removed for several reasons, including those dying, dangerous or infected. We offer safe and efficient tree removal for an array of different projects.


Our professional tree trimming service includes tree pruning, dead wood removal, house clearance, elevation, crown reduction, and weight reduction.

Stump Grinding

Did you know we grind stumps top? Sure, you could leave the stump in your yard, but over time stumps can become hazards for pipes, pavement, and sidewalks.

Land Clearing

Land clearing can be an overwhelming task that should be handled by professionals. We have the experience, equipment, and staff to satisfy all of your land clearing needs.


Tree work is a messy job and we like to leave little mess with our low impact techniques. We are more capable than most when it comes to hauling away the mess that is left from tree work.


As members of TCIA, we know a thing or two about maintaining trees. With our knowledge and experience in the industry, we’ll take a scientific approach when assessing the needs of your trees.

Tree Planting

Don’t underestimate the importance of correctly planting or transplanting a tree. If not done in the best way possible, it may affect the health of the tree or other plants and structures around.

Thorough Consultation – No Surprises!

Before beginning any project, we take the time and care to discuss each and every detail with our clients to ensure they know exactly what to expect. We’ll walk you through the entire process of the tree’s removal, from the demolition to the cleanup afterward. In addition to discussing each step of the tree removal process, we’ll also give you a firm estimate on the price, so you aren’t blind-sighted by unforeseen costs and fees once the tree is already gone.

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Why Choose Axtreme Tree Care?

Efficient Tree Removal

At Axtreme, we are committed to having your tree removed as efficiently as possible, as opposed to our competitors who drag out a job out of negligence or hope for a bigger payday. Our tree removals are always carried out with a sense of urgency, so you can get back to turning your backyard into a spacious paradise.

Low-Impact Methods for Yard Preservation

We know better than anyone that taking on a big outdoor project can be overwhelming. To protect the integrity of your yard and prevent you from taking on any more maintenance (and expenses), we conduct our removals with respect to the surrounding land.

Our low-impact methods are designed to disrupt the workings of your yard as little as possible, so you can rest easy knowing that your home is in trusted hands.

Top of the Line Equipment and Techniques

At Axtreme, we aren’t afraid to take on large and unusual products, so we’ve learned to think outside the box when it comes to our methods. With fair pricing and low-impact removals that preserve the landscape of your surrounding yard, we know just how to get even the toughest job done quickly and efficiently. Plus, investments in state-of-the-art equipment make for smooth removals every time.

Efficient Tree Removals Without Compromising Safety

Above all, we are committed to the safety of our team, your home, and your family. Fully accredited, we take every precaution to ensure that your tree is removed safely and thoroughly.

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“I highly recommend Cody and his team at Axtreme. They are professional, local and very hard working. I appreciate their attention to detail. We worked together to figure out the best solution to a couple of the trees that were damaged in the storm last month. If you need any tree work done, stop looking around and call Axtreme Tree Care.”

Chad Powers, Ohio

“Very professional group of people. I’ve used another company in the past but will stick with Axtreme going forward. You can’t go wrong with Axtreme.”

Dave Lutz, Ohio

“I just want to thank you for getting the vine down today! It looks great! I’m very, very pleased with the outcome!
I do think that Cole and Jen should get a little x-tra for this big job! They have been here for almost 5 hours!
They are very hard workers and very particular about their work! Thanks again! It looks SUPER”

Debra Buck, Ohio

Axtreme Tree Care strives for total client satisfaction by being THE MOST compelling customer-focused tree company committed to safety, training, innovation and service.

(513) 766-6438

Tap To Call: (513) 766-6438